File Specifications for Sending Images

Visitors and New Members

We encourage sharing photographs. Bring your images in JPEG format on a USB flash drive and introduce yourself to the person operating the laptop and screen. Please allow a few minutes and arrive early.

Sending Files


Sharing files with a USB flash drive is always accommodated, however, time and organizational constraints encourage the use of on-line transfers. The latter also protects the volunteers computer from viruses hiding on thumb drives as well as general wear and tear of their laptop.

Floppy disks (and CD/DVD media) cannot be accepted.


The club uses a shared folder on Dropbox to receive images. New members should receive a invitation to accepted a shared folder from Dropbox on behalf of Camera 35 St. John’s. If you have not received an invitation, please speak with a club organizer or e-mail the club.

You may also upload files to Dropbox without shared folder configured. Each meeting invitation will include links to a web page upload form. Be sure to use the correct link for each category (e.g. Show and Tell, Critic’s Corner, etc).

File Naming

Please name your files so that they appear together during the slideshow, and so that we can identify who they are from. There are no strict rules for internal club categories, however the conventional practice is FirstNameLastName-Title.jpg (e.g. RobertMiller-APhotographTitle.jpg, RM-img123.jpg, etc.).

Images for the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) competitions have specific requirements (and Camera 35 makes a few additional requests).* They include:

  1. Add “C35” (the club code) to the beginning of each image to identify the member’s club.

  2. Add your name. (Our club requires this to be without spaces. First name, then last name.)

  3. Add the title of the photograph.

  4. Use a title that compliments or contributes to the vision or message being presented in the image (this is scored).

Acceptable examples:

  • C35-Sally_Brown-The_Wild_Rose.jpg

  • C35-Walter_Rightside-The_Wild_Rose.jpg

  • C35-Oliver South-The double rainbow.jpg

  • C35-Winston_Rogers- CanadaDay.jpg

  • C35-John Wayne-Sandy beach.jpg

* Please read the entire list of requirements which is published with each competition by CAPA and direct your questions to our CAPA Representative, Marek Bromberek.

It is your responsibility to read the competition rules posted on the CAPA web site.

Image Specifications

There are no strict rules for internal club categories, other than images must be in JPEG format. However, since our projector has a limited screen resolution, 1920x1080 (width x height) maximum sized images are recommended to avoid slow file downloads and image loading on screen.

Images for the Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) competitions have specific requirements. They include:

  • JPEG format, sRGB colour space (the default for most editors)

  • Must fit in a box 1400x1050 (width x height), with at least one edge matching the longest corresponding dimension.

  • Maximum file size of 1.8 MB.

  • Calibrating your monitor is encouraged.

Please read the complete list of requirements, and other restrictions such as editing and theme rules, which is published with each competition by CAPA. Questions about theme rules should be addressed to the club during a meeting prior to the competition, and all other questions may be sent to our CAPA Representative, Marek Bromberek.