Show & Tell / Critics Corner

We encourage all members to bring photos in to show the club from time to time, after all a photo club is about sharing your work and getting feedback! During most meetings there is time for both Show & Tell and Critic’s Corner:

  • Show & Tell is for most of your photos. Each photo is displayed on the projector and you are welcome to say a few words about the shot and answer any questions that other members may have. In the interest of time, members are encouraged to only bring in a maximum of 5 photos per meeting to share with the club.
  • Critic’s Corner is for photo critique. We’ll spend a lot more with your photo on the projector, while club members offer constructive criticism about what they like, don’t like and how you might be able to do better next time (or how to improve the current photo by cropping, editing, etc.). Members may bring in up to 2 photos per meeting for critique’s corner.


  • You can bring your photos to meetings on CD or USB Stick.
  • Everyone’s camera names their images img_1234.jpg so you should rename your photos when you bring them to a meeting. By renaming your photos, they’ll be easily identifiable as yours and there will be no chance of a name collision with another member’s photos. We suggest adding your initials to the filename as one way to do this. For example, if my name was Adam Bernard Connors, my files would look like abc_1234.jpg. You could also use your full name, two initials, etc. as long as they’re unique. You should also clearly mark (by way of filenames or folders), what each image is for: a competition, show & tell, critics corner, etc.
  • Our projector has a resolution of 1080 x 1920 px, so even though you can bring in higher resolution photos, the down sampling could cause a loss of sharpness. For optimal quality on the projector you should resize your photos to 1080 x 1920 (when submitting photos for competitions, refer to the specific competition page to check sizing).
  • Everybody’s monitor shows colours slightly differently. The only way to be consistent across computers is to use a calibration device on each computer-monitor pairing. Our projector will be calibrated (or a close approximation of), but if you want your projected photos to look the same way that they do at home, you’ll have to calibrate your monitor. As a side benefit, this will also lead to much more predictable results when you print your photos.