Sharing Your Photographs


We encourage all members to share photos with the club; after all, a photography club is about sharing your work and getting feedback! Most meeting agendas include plenty of time for Show and Tell, Critic’s Corner, and CAPA competition selections.

P.S. This is a great way for new members to introduce themselves (not a requirement).

“ Psychedelic Tea ”, Karen Chappell

Psychedelic Tea”, Karen Chappell

“ Tornado Roping Out ”, Lesleyanne Ryan

Tornado Roping Out”, Lesleyanne Ryan


Show and Tell

Images are displayed in a slide show during regular meetings. Members may decide to add some comments about the photograph, such as where and how it was taken, and answer questions from the group. Images are displayed for brief moment, or longer if a conversation occurs. Participation is encouraged and responses are always friendly.

Please limit yourself to five images (this is temporarily set to three until further notice), unless otherwise stated in the meeting announcement. How to submit images is listed below.

“ Unmasked ”, by Geoff Whiteway

Unmasked”, by Geoff Whiteway

“ Twin Foxes ”, by Sandy Spurrell

Twin Foxes”, by Sandy Spurrell

Critic’s Corner

This is a photo critique: comments are intended to be constructive, and not critical in nature. Images are displayed for longer periods, while club members offer feedback about what they like, don’t like, and suggestions about how you may take better photographs, or improve on the image in post processing.

Please limit yourself to three images, unless otherwise stated in the meeting announcement. How to submit images is listed below.

“ Coron ”, by Joe Chase

Coron”, by Joe Chase

“ Terry ”, by Jerry Curtis

Terry”, by Jerry Curtis


The club hosts internal competitions as well as competing as a group in Canadian Association for Photographic Art (CAPA) competitions. Please see our Competitions pages for more information.

In-club submission requirements will be announced in the meeting agenda. For Year End Competitions, please see the rules stated on the entry form.

“ Little Fogo ”, by Marek Bromberek

Little Fogo”, by Marek Bromberek

“ Watery Eyes ”, by David Hiscock

Watery Eyes”, by David Hiscock