CAPA Competitions


Images MUST be sized to give an image width that does not exceed 1400 pixels with a height of no more than 1050 pixels.

Please submit high quality JPEG (use a quality setting of 90% or better), preferably in the sRGB colour space.


Photos MUST be named according to the following convention:
Club Code (C35)-Name of Photographer-Title of Image.jpg. For example: C35-JohnSmith-Sunset.jpg or C35-JohnSmith-Duck.jpg

Image title must be a maximum of 4 words

For submissions in the Nature category, the title of the photograph must identify the subject by its common name. Do not use titles such as “little green plant” or “Jolly Green Giant”. “Bald Eagle” is better than “Eagle” which is better than “Bird in Tree”.

Photo titles are not read before judging and therefore should not effect scores.

Miscellaneous Information

You cannot resubmit photos in more than one competition (that includes individual vs club entries).

You cannot enter photos in a competition that is being judged by your camera club (unless the judges are not members of the club itself).

For more details on general rules, and for individual competition guidelines see the CAPA Competition Guide  The closing dates for club screening for club entries will be as detailed in our Club Events Listing